This sounds like a normal anxious response to a bunch of stuff in your life that you're stressed about. Moving anywhere is stressful as all get out, let alone to study abroad in a foreign country. Speaking from experience, you'll be fine. Once you land in France you'll be like a kid in a candy shop, and the anxiety… » 8/25/13 10:15pm 8/25/13 10:15pm

Yeah, me too. I walk everywhere (I don't own a car), so I prefer comfortable, flat shoes which allow me to walk quickly and don't strain my feet. I own a few pairs of high heels for special occasions, but I rarely wear them, and even in a business casual setting I prefer to wear flats or very low (2") heels which are… » 8/25/13 1:37pm 8/25/13 1:37pm

I'm so sorry this is happening to you. I was raised in an alcoholic home and can't imagine what it would have been like being in a romantic relationship with someone like my father—being his child was hell enough as it was. I think it's amazing that you have the presence of mind to realize you need to get out of this… » 8/24/13 8:07pm 8/24/13 8:07pm

This person is a deranged narcissist who likes to trot out "harassment" and "stalking" whenever s/he encounters someone able to tear apart his/her endless, self-aggrandizing inanities...I think I've already communicated this to you, but I'm just offering my solidarity again, because OMG reading this thread is both… » 8/24/13 5:33pm 8/24/13 5:33pm

The writing is a little too affected for me. If she edited out some of the more confused clauses and stuck with the meat of the story (which is quite compelling in parts, particularly her relationship with her mother) it would be a lot more effective to me, as a reader. » 8/24/13 3:58pm 8/24/13 3:58pm